Tourist agency Immo Dalmatia mediates between Guest and service providers (in the name of the owner and for his account) and provides accommodation according to information available on their websites, and in the agreed time, except in the case of exceptional circumstances or force majeure.


* Force majeure is a circumstance that can not be influenced because it can not be predicted and therefore not eliminated (earthquakes, floods, fires, strikes, acts of terrorism, wars of the service provider or his immediate family)




Reservation and payment

Requests for bookings can be made by (a questionnaire on the web site, e-mail), or in person at the premises of the Agency. To confirm reservation it is necessary within one working day from the moment of accepting the offer, payment of an advance is 30% of the total price and send e-mail confirmation of payment, while the remaining sum and taxes Payment at reception agency upon arrival in the accommodation unit.




Residence tax

According to the Act on the Residence Tax Croatian, customers are required to pay Sojourn Tax when paying for their accommodation. Tourist tax to be paid at the agency reception, and is 1 euro per person per day for adults. Children from 12 to 18 have a 50% discount on that amount, while children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying.




The price of accommodation

Prices are published with all accommodation units. Given in EUR. These prices are for stays longer than three nights. If staying less than four nights price is increased by 30.00%.


Price includes: daily rent, weekly change of bed linen, towels, electricity and water, cooking utensils and cutlery (apartments), cleaning, cleaning.


Special services are not included in the price (eg. Breakfast, embroidery), and should be paid separately.


If the prices of units change after guest made an inquiry and before the deposit payment, the agency is required to inform the customer about it, and send a new calculation. For guests who paid the deposit amount, the agency guarantees that the remainder will be paid based on the calculation on which the guest has reserved a particular accommodation unit.





Accommodation units are described by the official categorization of the authorized institution, and the owner is obliged given categorization on a visible place.


Accommodation, food and services, individual countries are different and can not be compared.


Information obtained in the unit does not commit the agency more than the information posted on this web site.




The agency’s right to changes and cancellations

The Agency reserves the right to change the reservation if exceptional circumstances or force majeure. Booked accommodation can be replaced only with prior notification and to the placement of the same or higher category and at the price at which the reservation is confirmed. If the replacement accommodation is only possible in the house at a price 15% higher than the reserved accommodation, the agency reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the customer. If a replacement is not available, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification before arrival, and it guarantees the refund of the deposit payment.




Guest’s right to changes and cancellations

If the guest wants to cancel the reservation, should do so in writing (e-mail, mail).


For cancellations more than 60 days before the agreed term agency return the entire amount of the commission minus 25 euro fixed costs and the cost of transfers.


In the event that a client cancels a reservation, after less than 60 days before the agreed term has no right to reclaim the deposit payment.


If the team does not show up on time or cancel their reservation before the expiry of the agreed term, the agency charges the entire amount.




Obligations of the agency and the owner

The obligation of the Agency:


– Responsible for providing services as well as selecting the service provider


– Respecting the rights and interests in accordance with the traditions in the tourism industry.


The owner’s obligation is:


– The guest to provide all the services.


* The agency will carry out all responsibility in case of changes or default services caused by force majeure.




Liabilities guest

A guest has to:


– Have valid travel documents and a visa if it is required to enter the Republic of Croatia


– Respect the customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatian


– To obey house rules in accommodation unit and work with service providers in good faith


– Each caused damage in the unit the customer is required on-site to fully recover


– Upon arrival at the residence agency representative must present a voucher with details on the number of persons and type of services to be provided


– The guest will bear the responsibility and costs incurred for Default.


– Guests arrive to accommodation unit after 13.00 h and departure leaving the unit and 10.00. The key of units is done in the premises by the owner and accompanied by the representative of the agency.





Agency is not responsible for baggage that is destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen in the unit. Lost or stolen property is reported to the host and the local police department.




  1. Complaints


Guest has right to ask for adequate compensation for the paid service. The guest has to file a written complaint.


The procedure for making a complaint:


If the guest is not satisfied with the accommodation unit condition, immediately upon arrival to inform and agency immediately present owner. The guest has to cooperate with the agency and the owner in order to resolve problems. If the complaint is justified, and the service is not satisfying, the agency will try everything that the guest receives acceptable solution equal to paid service to the owner. Agency and the owner must not provide the guest with the alternative accommodation of lower category.


If the guest leaves on his own the accommodation unit and finds another accommodation and thus do not offer a chance to agency to resolve the problem he has no right to ask the refund or compensation for damage.


If you do not complain on the spot is not entitled to a refund.




  1. Court Jurisdiction


If the customer is not satisfied with the solution, has the right to judicial arbitration. In such a case shall be referred to the Commercial Court in Sibenik.





By paying the deposit the customer fully accepts these General Conditions.






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